Member of the Supervisory Board Sweco Nederland B.V.

Member of the Supervisory Board Sweco Nederland B.V.

Sweco Nederland B.V. is a leading European architecture and engineering consultancy and simultaneously the local advisor and engineer, close to its clients. Sweco develops, designs and constructs the society and cities of the future with close to 100 years of experience in doing so. The results of its work are sustainable buildings, efficient infrastructure and access to electricity and clear water. Per April 4, 2016 Grontmij Nederland is rebranded and named Sweco.

As per October 1, 2015 Grontmij is part of Sweco AB, the leading architecture and engineering consultancy in Europe. In total 14,500 engineers, architects and environmental experts plan and design the communities and cities of the future. In 15 countries Sweco provides the right expertise in all phases of its customers’ projects, from small analytical assignments to major design assignments. Sweco carries out tens of thousands of assignments each year in around 70 countries across the globe.

Profile new member of the Supervisory Board

Selection criteria

  • Sparring partner and counselor of the Country Managing Director Sweco Nederland B.V. The new member of the Supervisory Board is able to connect with the Director and act as a confidant in case of dilemmas. This requires stature (e.g. age and experience), strong analytical skills, empathy and a direct communication style.
  • Sparring partner and counselor of the Works Council, i.e. the candidate is well approachable,  can reflect on the way of acting of the Works Council and acknowledges the Works Council as an important interlocutor of the Director. 
  • Knowledge in the field of labor relations. The candidate is well informed in the field of employer – employee relations, including Dutch legislation and organization of the labor market and (developments in) supply and demand in the labor market as well as (the process of creating) a collective employee benefits agreement (CAO).
  • The candidate is familiar with the ins and outs of managing a large (international) organization, including corporate governance, business ethics and  has a clear insight into interrelations.
  • Successful in building and maintaining solid working relations with works councils (in The Netherlands and at a European level), unions and relevant consultants.
  • Experience with M&A and more specifically with post-acquisition organizational change processes.
  • Experience with culture change processes within organizations, preferably equal to the task at Sweco.
  • Background in organizational development, human resources, employee relations, labor market, social economic affairs.
  • Knowledge of Dutch engineering market: New member of the Supervisory Board is well versed in the Dutch engineering market, either as client or as contractor.
  • To be an inspiration for (management) of Sweco Nederland, preferably in the field of sustainability / CSR. The New member of the Supervisory Board can make a profound contribution to the improvement of the position of Sweco in the area of ​​sustainability and/or CSR which can strengthen our image.
  • Understands the position of the supervisory board member of one of the affiliated companies of a European organization.
  • An outstanding reputation and unimpeachable conduct.


  • Solid analytical, conceptual and strategic skills with the ability to quickly grasp the essentials of the Sweco business.
  • Is wise, energetic, committed, empathic and pleasant to work with.
  • Ability to encourage an open debate, seeking opinions of others and aiming at a sense of shared responsibility.
  • Is able to strike the right balance between supervision and sparring partnership, being a trusted advisor to his/her colleagues, the Country Managing Director and the Central Works Council 

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