Member Supervisory Board BT Nederland N.V. - recommendation by Works Council

Member Supervisory Board BT Nederland N.V. - recommendation by Works Council

BT Nederland N.V. (‘BT’) is part of the global British Telecommunications Plc. organisation.
British Telecommunications plc. is a leading provider of communications solutions and combines products and services with industry-specific solutions and consulting expertise. The company is active in more than 180 countries and is one of the world’s biggest telecoms R&D investors.

Profile Member of the Supervisory Board - recommendation bij the Works Council

Selection Criteria

The ideal candidate –

  • Is familiar with the ins and outs of a large international, B2B organisation, including corporate governance, business ethics and has a clear insight into interrelations.
  • Is able to understand the specifics of a communication and/or information technology business, thus understanding the continuous and fast pace change the industry is going through.
  • Is able to act as a sparring partner to the CEO, whose main goal is to constantly improve sustainable business performance.  
  • Is able to act as a trait d’union between the Board of Directors, the Supervisory Board and the Works Council, i.e. is well approachable, is able to reflect on the ways of working of the Works Council and acknowledges the Works Council as an important internal stakeholder. 
  • Experienced with organisational change, transformation processes and culture change processes within large international organisations with a highly educated population.
  • Will be capable of working with an organisation with headquarters abroad (UK or other) and is able to understand the position that BT Nederland N.V. has within such an organisation.
  • Proficiency in Business English. Has an outstanding reputation and unimpeachable conduct.


The ideal candidate –

  • Shows solid analytical, conceptual and strategic skills with the ability to quickly grasp the essentials of the BT busi.
  • Is wise, energetic, committed, empathic and pleasant to work with, yet shows authority and an independent way of thinking.
  • Will encourage an open debate, seeking opinions of others and aiming at a sense of shared responsibility.
  • Is able to strike the right balance between supervision, sparring partnership and acting as a trusted liaison for board members, fellow supervisory board members and the Works Council.  

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